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a second chance to those who seem to have given up hope in life.

Our Mission

Restoring Hope and Love

It is our core mandate to re-orientate the young and instill right values in them. When the young are properly groomed with emphasis on developing the personality and the potential, they will grow not to depart from it. Here again, the challenge of poverty manifest as it hampers good parenting and diligent upbringing of children.

We believe no one deserves to go a day hungry.

It is the Lord’s Prayer that ‘God should give us our daily bread’. Not having a meal for the day or an idea of where one would come from is one of the main reasons young people get involved into crime and other vices / anti-social behavior.

If you and your friends raise $1,500 by holding a Donation
You could provide a a food hamper to 50 family in need

What We Do



We are committed to reaching out to these hungry children wherever they are – war zones, IDP camps, streets, homes and schools. Equally so, we are working hard to ensure that no child is sent out of school due to their parents in ability to pay their school fees. 



We counterattack poverty by organizing school workshops and other training programmes to instill such traits as decency, diligence, self-dignity, excellence, punctuality, firmness, sense of purpose and frugality among others in children and young adults alike. 



The Real Second Chance Ministry offers restoration of hope and love to the working poor by advancing to them soft loans to reinvigorate their businesses. This gesture has brought broad smiles to otherwise beleaguered petty traders and small business owners.

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With findings by a new concept, “Economic democracy “, that more and more people across the world are getting poorer with emergent social conditions that are not buy up industrial output, the plight of the poor who live under $2 per day could only be imagined. As economic inequality grows, it drives political and social equality; and democracy in poor society is fast becoming a mirage. It’s not gainsaying therefore to assert that economic inequality which manifests in endemic poverty is a threat to marriage, quality parenting and normative conduct. There is therefore the onerous need for concerted intervention to arrest poverty and offer the disadvantaged the restoration of hope and love by addressing their plight, inasmuch poverty, more often than not, is not the fault of the individual but rather a function of the society and world Order. It’s is therefore our competent mission and goal at THE REAL SECOND CHANCE MINISTRY to create a help-chain in which we will restore hope and love for the hopeless, hapless, destitute and others. To this goal, we devote a 4- cardinal strategy which consists of:- In the pursuit of these, we pay attention to both the physical and spiritual aspect of humanity which the ministry of the Lord, Jesus Christ encapsulates as He preached the word on the mountains, fed the people in the wilderness and healed them even on Sabbath. The Real Second Chance Ministry is a resolved commitment to replay of the Lord’s passion for the soul and welfare of the people.